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The primary expression in my work is emotion, I find my inspiration in the world and all that surrounds me. It is in this environment that I seek to capture fleeting moments of natural beauty and those ephemeral instants of our existence that often go unnoticed amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Through my art, I try to offer a new perspective that allows us to appreciate and value those small details that make up our reality but that we tend to ignore.


In my creative process, I try to transfer the energy of an idea to the surface and materialise it. My works are born from an autonomous artistic development through a balance between precision and intuition merging with abstraction giving meaning to my creations. Each brushstroke and each stroke is an attempt to immortalise that fleeting beauty to evoke the emotions that those moments aroused in me. I have always felt that each work offers me an opportunity to have a much broader and deeper vision of my personal, emotional and spiritual evolution process; a reflection on memory, a family history, childhood, my subconscious, the desire for the image to express the imperceptible. I draw my greatest inspiration from nature and music, it can be a mountain landscape, or a small town with its long history, classical music, rock or jazz. Being a contemporary artist opens up the possibilities for me to express myself in a wide variety of media that I feel comfortable with.

I work in oils and acrylics, with them I distil the essence of those moments allowing them to breathe on the canvas. My ultimate goal is to create a visual language that transcends the work, that reflects my vision of the universe and provokes an emotional response in the viewer.

Lika  Shkhvatsabaia  (Tbilisi, Georgia)

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Lika Shkhvatsabaia's work is based on her optimistic view of life, a perspective that stands out in a complex and contradictory world, for her the essential is the existential, her art becomes a particular means of searching for identity ......

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