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...and to provoke a deep emotional connection with the audience...




Lika Shkhvatsabaia's work is based on her optimistic view of life, a perspective that stands out in a complex and contradictory world, for her the essential is the existential, her art becomes a particular means of searching for identity.

Born on 31 May 1972 in Tbilisi, Georgia, into a family with roots in art. Her father, a renowned sculptor and painter, imbued her family life with an artistic atmosphere. She spent her childhood amidst the frames and sculptures, growing up surrounded by artists who inspired her and marked her steps and who, in a way, have shaped her perspective from an early age. In 1994, at the end of her studies at the Monumental Painting Faculty of the State Academy of Fine Arts in Tbilis, she moved to Italy where she continued her academic specialisation at the University of Siena, a solid training that has cultivated her talent, her artistic vision, her commitment to perfecting her craft and her creative restlessness, which reveals her ability to approach evolution in painting.



​​Her career includes numerous exhibitions both in Georgia and internationally, and since 2014 she lives and works in Madrid, Spain, actively participating in the artistic circuit of the city and where she has developed several important projects that have been adding new chapters to her brilliant career being recognized and awarded in prestigious international art competitions.

​A significant milestone in her career is the presentation of her work, entitled "Harmony of Life" to the King of Spain during the inauguration of FITUR 2021, becoming part of the Royal Family Collection. The underlying message of this work is the love of life, even in difficult times, reflecting the optimistic and resilient essence that defines her art.​


The artist describes her creative process as a transformation from the rational to the emotional, turning matter into feelings, imprinting the canvas with meaning. She works freely and individually, her painting is characterised by the predominant use of colour, but not only as an aesthetic choice but as a manifestation of her creative personality transforming her abstract painting into expressionist, a profound reflection on existence and human resilience as evidenced in her work "Walls against infinity" powerfully exemplifying this characteristic.


Ultimately, the aim of his work is an invitation to explore the very essence of existence and to provoke a deep emotional connection with the audience.​​

Diploma de Excelencia Por Trayectoria Artística en Pintura Abstracta

Prize of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

Diploma For the Promotion of Georgian Art

_ Prize of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, the International Center for Migration Policy Formulation (CIDPM) in collaboration with the EU-funded project - ENIGMMA-de (To strengthen migration management). Diaspora. 

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